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Waterproof Labels for school | childcare | nursery

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Waterproof labels ideal to label school supplies such as: lunchboxes, waterbottles, pencil cases and more.

💫can be washed but preferably not soaked
💫 printed on high quality vinyl sticker label and laminated to make them more durable
💫 contains 40 tiny 0.5 inch stickers (suitable for pens and pencils), 40 small 1 inch stickers, 8 1.5 inch stickers and 8 big 2 inch stickers
💫 message me for custom designs such as: unicorns, animals, dinosaurs, transport etc..)
💫Price is per set of 95 total stickers

Ps. These are not iron on stickers

Refund Policy

Kindly note that personalized items cannot be exchanged or be given a refund